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2013-06-18How to Snatch the Error Code from the Trap Frame in Xcode
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2009-03-04New Toy: Fujitsu ScanSnap S510M
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2009-02-07Mathematica Home Edition's banner ad, revisited
2009-02-06Mathematica Home Edition's banner ad
2009-01-30New toy: Okidata C5650dn printer
2008-10-03Keyboard for eBay users
2008-03-07A few bits about the iPhone SDK
2007-12-18Telluride #1
2007-11-27Movies #9 and #10
2007-08-12What Keeps Me Up At Night
2007-08-07Movie #8: The Simpsons Movie
2007-07-30Movie #7: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
2007-07-20Obligatory Presidential Cephalosphinctoral Humor
2007-07-16Movie #6: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
2007-07-04Google Maps from Mac OS X Address Book
2007-07-02Will "iPhone Leopard" cost $129 (or $600)?
2007-07-01iPhone vs. Treo 650
2007-06-13Movie Obligation #5: Knocked Up
2007-06-03Red Right Return
2007-06-01I'm Only Happy When It Rains (or, Rock You Like a Hurricane Season)
2007-05-28The Black Swan
2007-05-28Stop the Island, I Want to Get Off
2007-05-28Communication is the Key to a Successful Marriage
2007-05-27The Unbearable Wetness of Being
2007-05-27Paradise Is a Lack of Annoyances
2007-05-27Not Eaten by Pirates, Alas
2007-05-26Why travel?
2007-05-26Not-so-great Expectations
2007-05-26Bugger All
2007-05-22Using Xcode to build a disk image (and upload a web site)
2007-05-22Fractal Clock Screen Saver
2007-05-05Movie Obligation #4: Hot Fuzz
2007-05-05Birds and Bugs
2007-04-08Movie Obligation #3: Blades of Glory
2007-02-06Movie Obligation #2: Smokin' Aces
2007-01-14Movie Obligation #1: Children of men
2006-11-22Cocoa Programming Notes
2006-11-11Impressive speed from the V640
2006-11-08Parallels + Windows XP from Virtual PC
2006-11-08MacBook Pro + V640 ExpressCard
2006-09-17Bird Flu
2006-08-15Making Spotlight Tolerable
2006-07-02Mortgage Calculator
2006-06-29John Raese is a spammer
2006-03-04fedora core 4 upgrade problems
2005-12-12How to get a $1550 discount on a flat-panel TV
2005-12-03video games
2005-10-30Tracing message sends in Objective-C
2005-10-30Dragging an NSCell subclass from an Interface Builder palette
2005-10-14Full screen QuickTime Player for free
2005-10-12More 2405FPW
2005-10-12LabelWriter Catch-22
2005-10-06video games
2005-10-06Dell support for the service-tag-impaired
2005-09-13Treo 650 at last
2005-09-08python debugger script
2005-08-07A DVD player that sucks less
2005-07-25Paul Graham's Accumulator Generator, in PostScript
2005-07-13Dell 2405FPW
2005-05-27the awesome power of recursive shell functions
2005-05-25the horrible, horrible software that comes with the HP Photosmart 2610
2005-04-27Mac OS X programs that do interesting low-level things
2005-04-25Powerbook modifier keys
2005-04-14This might only be funny if you know the context
2005-04-11need better ⌘Tab in macosx
2005-04-07handy bash alias
2004-11-17The perfect wedding gift
2004-10-20Beating the web into submission: killing stylesheets
2004-10-20Beating the web into submission: killing fixed-width tables
2004-08-10a good man page
2004-07-06Spider-Man 2, the game