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A DVD player that sucks less

Remember the good old days, when you'd rent a video tape, put it in the VCR, and fast forward through the FBI idiocy and the trailers to the movie? Now you get a DVD from Netflix but you can't skip the FBI idiocy, and sometimes they even throw in some non-skippable ads. Then you have to watch a menu animate onto the screen, select "Play Movie", and watch the menu animate back off the screen. I hate Hollywood so much.

My savior has arrived in the form of a GoVideo VR3845. This combination DVD-recorder and VCR has a feature called "Autoplay". You put in a DVD and it automatically skips the FBI blah, the ads, the trailers, and the menu and just plays the movie. Brilliant! I've only tested it on one DVD so far (Igby Goes Down) but it worked like a charm.

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