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handy bash alias

Often I run some command that's going to take a long time to finish, like

make solver

and when it's done I want to run some other command, like

./solver < problem.1

but I only want to run that second command if the first command (the make in this example) succeeded. If I'd thought ahead, I could have run this in the first place:

make solver && ./solver < problem.1

But I didn't. So I have this handy bash alias:

alias +='(exit $?) && '

Which gives me a similar effect. I run the first command (the make), and while it's running I type in a plus followed by the second command:

+ ./solver < problem.1

If the first command finishes, the second command will run. Otherwise, the second command will be ignored.

Note that this only works if the first command doesn't read from standard input.

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