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I'm Only Happy When It Rains (or, Rock You Like a Hurricane Season)

This morning it started raining. On previous days, it rained once or twice a day, for about 15 minutes at a time. Today the rain lasted a few hours and was heavy and windy. At breakfast Tony was excited about getting out in a catamaran, but by the time he actually got under way (or "under weigh" if you prefer the nautical misspelling) the wind had died down to about the level of previous days. One of the staff told me today's the first day of hurricane season and he expects five inches of rain. I don't know if he meant five inches today or five inches for the whole season...

Anyway, the outdoors was a lot more tolerable during the downpour. It's pretty much stopped raining and blowing now, but it's still cooler and a little bit less humid than on previous days. Delia wanted to hike up the big hill today but I don't know if that's going to happen anymore, since it'll be very muddy now.

Annoyingly, BYEC's wireless router hasn't been working well for a couple of days. For the sake of my avid readers, I've come out to "Saba Rock" (a bar/hotel on an island about 50 yards offshore of BYEC) where they have their own Internet connection. Delia's in the gift shop buying overpriced whatnots for the lucky folks back home.

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