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The Black Swan

I suppose that everyone you've met (aside from me) dreams about coming to a place like BEYC, where the sun and the ocean and the weather and the sailing and the diving and the whatnot. If you've been, you loved it. If you know someone who's been, he or she raved about it. That's why you assured me (whether you're a close friend or the merest acquaintance) that I'd have a great time.

Here's what dinner was like tonight. We made a reservation for 8 PM and showed up right on time. We got seated in about two minutes. The place was packed. That's not surprising; it's the only restaurant in BEYC that serves dinner. So it took probably five minutes before our waitress made it to our table. She gave us a bread basket. Then, five minutes later, she came back and asked if we'd like a bottle of water. Five minutes later, she brought the water and asked if we want caesar salad. The salad came quickly and we took all of five minutes to eat it. The waitress, on the other hand, took fifteen minutes to return, and then told us it's a buffet tonight so we can go serve ourselves whenever we're ready. WTF? By this time I'd picked up four more mosquito (or something) bites. Because at BEYC, the (one) restaurant is outside.

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