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Red Right Return

Our bathroom (which as I have mentioned isn't air-conditioned) became somewhat overrun by some sort of insect on Friday night. Fortunately they mostly didn't fly, and didn't bite. It was still pretty gross though. They mostly disappeared by Saturday morning (except for a number of dead ones on the counter).

It was once again bright, hot and muggy on Saturday. It was somewhat windier than most of the week (except Friday). The ferry ride back to Beef Island was a lot rougher than the ride to BEYC, and the flight to San Juan too. At least the flight wasn't scheduled for departure until 2:05 PM, so we didn't have to get up early. The flight didn't actually leave until more like 2:30. Delia didn't get to sit in the co-pilot's seat this time, which is a shame because the pilot this time was a lot chattier with the guy in the co-pilot seat than the pilot on the way to Beef Island had been.

There were no wailing children near us on the flights back. Hooray! We got home at about 12:30 AM. Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

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